Barbara Uriu
14kt gold, stones marcasite in agate, spectral pyrite, marcasite in agate, green amethyst, ammonite, Australian tiger iron14kt gold, stones: sugelite in gustamite, sugelite, spessertine garnet, sugelite in gustamite, Oregon sunset jasper14kt gold, stones:  petersite, Leland blue, iolite, fossil coral, flower obsidian, sugelite in ricterite14kt gold, stones:  botryoidal chalcedony, labradorite, green moonstone, leopard jasper, iolite, Tahitian snowflakeUntitled14kt gold, stones:  unikite, fossil palm, peridot, peach druzy, pyrite serpentine14kt gold, stones: petersite, onyx, tiger iron, garnet, garnet in schist, pyrite in onyx14kt gold, stones:  rose quartz, boulder opal, rose quartz, blue chalcedony, moonstones, smithsonite14kt gold, stones:  fossil coral, fossil pine cone, druzy, petersite, orange moonstone, obincular jasper14kt gold, stones:  jasper, amethyst, poppy jasper, sugelite, stitchtite, fossil tree fern  14kt gold, stones:  smithsonite, porcelain jasper, rose quartz, mabe pearl, rose quartz, Horse Canyon agate14kt gold, stones:  willow jasper, fossil palmwood, willow jasper, rose quartz, crazy lace jasper, willow jasper14kt gold, stones:  petrified wood, fossil palm, sagenite, blue chalcedony, petrified wood, botryoidal chalcedonySterling Silver, stones:  zebra agate, zebra agate, onyx, druzy, psilonomeleane, zebra agateSterling Silver, stones:  smithsonite, porcelain jasper, hematite in calcite, rose quartz, porcelain jasper, gray druzySterling Silver, stones:  crinoid fossil, rhodocrosite, onyx, garnet, rhodocrosite, concretionSterling Silver, stones:  red spotted jasper, moonstone, red river jasper, petrified palmroot, red spotted jasper, red river jasperSterling Silver, stones:  sugelite and amethystSterlling Silver, stones:  mookite, druzy, peppermint wood, chinese turquoise, peppermint wood, mookite
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